We are back to a sense of normality with some very high-level academy courses for our Pro family (futsal & football). Starting on 20th July #ProFutsalLondon are delivering sessions in AM/PM and a day session. This is incredible amount of high quality hours/sessions due to the amount of futsal and football missed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can gain a month's worth of coaching in a day.

The course and sessions will be directed on technical/ball mastery work, perceptual awareness, body profiling & body shape and decision-making enhancement.

"Build your tower taller, without knocking other towers down around you"

We have a maximum capacity of 45 players, split into smaller bubbles on ability and age grouping. If you are not a ProFutsal or ProFootball player you will need to be invited to the sessions, and you can contact us to let us know level, age and ability of the player to see if we can accommodate. Our value is to develop the person before the player, working on "building our tower taller, rather than knocking others down" in order to progress and develop as a club, players and coaches.

MyZone belts will be utilised for physical effort levels, Veo cameras for player feedback loops and for coach education purposes. If you want to get involved, do not miss out due to capacity and book your place now.

JK x

For all futsal fans, we will now have ProFutsal youth and first team news, futsal hot topics, coaching tools, futsal fundamentals for your son and daughter to master and much more!

Starting next week, our first news feed will be awards for the first team, after finishing 2nd still with 1st to play and a chance at the Champions League spot, the season was brought to an abrupt end but that will not stop us giving the accolades for the Pros. Make sure you stay tuned for next week to find out the winners!


Academy sessions after the troublesome time of #COVID19 will start to be back in action from Sunday 28 June for certain age groups. Each group will be a small cluster of 5 players and we will have 3 bubbles running simultaneously. Until a sense of normality resumes and we are back inside, these will be called our Summer 6s sessions and will be able to be booked in through the website.

As always our academy level, structure, organisation and coach education is developing year on year and the level of the players is ever-increasing. If you want to #BeAPartOfIt please get in contact by looking at the "Join us" tab on the home screen

Photo Credit: National Futsal Series (The FA)

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